• sea WOLF /decorative cushion 45x45 cm

sea WOLF /decorative cushion 45x45 cm

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A long time ago a mystical bond connected man and animal. Our ancestors were veneration of extraordinary species, seeking support in struggles with the hardships and dangers of everyday life. Today the situation has reversed and once awe-inspiring and fearful animals-wolves, lynx and brown bears-need our help. We decided to give our beautiful, endangered animals human totems. To better depict the fate of the dying species patrons were extinct types of men. Sea Wolf, professional and gentleman.

5% of the sale of THE DYING BREED cushions We pass on the foundation supporting the conservation of wild animals!


How highly appealing is the vision of life at sea, away from the race of terrestrial rats, where a man together with his crew tries to harness the true elemental with the strength of character and his own hands? It does not need to be translated. Just look at the tattoos of the statistical hipster. Longing for escapes and freedom, even if it is only a myth to be alive in US long after the last sea Wolf has sown to razor his grey beard. Wataha Wolves is a crew of specialists run a hard paw captain. Intelligent and communicative predators, personified independence.

Pillowcase Size: 45x45 cm

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Filling: cartridge filled with polyester Fluor (Amball®)

Clasp: delicate, concealed zipper

Project: Dizeno Creative


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