• SLEEPING FOX-Set of children's bedding

SLEEPY WOLF - childrens bedlinen set

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Children's bedding set + illustration

The clever Fox is the perfect guardian of a restful sleep. The curled is vigilant on the duvet and only lurking on the occasion to put the nightmares out of the bed. What's more, as the best companion of thrilling adventures, he will be able to join the common glide under the starry sky, together to watch the tall houses of the matchbox and the Blue ribbon of the rivers.

The fox is printed on a high quality 100% cotton satin weave, certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100. In the box, in addition to bedding, you will also find a beautiful illustration showing what the Fox was doing during the day. The illustration is printed on thick paper, so you can hang it on the wall by the bed, put it in a frame and place it on a shelf, give someone close... What will come to your mind!

The author of the illustration is Ewa Kownacka

Illustrator immersed in children's dreams and memories filled with the aroma of the grandmother's kitchen. It seeks to bring out the best of them to perpetuate their ephality on a piece of paper, but the joy and carefulness of the perverse depicts in toned, natural tones, from explosions of intense colors. He is most likely to use traditional techniques such as watercolor, goulash, ink and pencil, referring to books of her own childhood, which have shaped it creatively, but have not yet awaited the era of digital illustrations. On a daily basis, he offers a discount on artistic passion in his studio "The Spells of the Malary".

Fabric: 100% cotton satin with Oeko-TEX Certificate® Standard 100

Imprint: Digital

Design: sleeping Wolf

Pillowcases and pillows: Concealed zipper
Pillowcase 50x60cm: Pocket
Duvet Cover 100x135cm: Ties

Illustration: printout
19.5 x 24.5 cm (included in sets with duvet 100x135cm)
25.5 x 35.5 cm (included in sets with duvet 140x200 and 135x200)

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