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DECORATIVE EASY CLEANING CARPETS 160x230 Decorative carpets cleaning easily is the perfect modernist interior design. Their modern line has universal character. Blends perfectly with contemporary trends of our. These carpets are also suitable for lovers of modern accents in classic. Carpets, Carpet Decor have advanced technology Magic Home, thanks to which any stains easily cleaning process, without compromising the unique structure of the material. In addition, this technology makes the absorption of spilled substances leaving the drops on the surface of the material. This makes using three simple steps to easily remove most of the dirt. Cleaning instructions: 1) LIQUID STAINS: coffee, tea, juice, etc. In the case of liquid stains simply drops the drain with a paper towel. The remainder of skrapiać water and odsączać paper towel. Allow it to air dry. 2) PATCHES of STICKY: ketchup, mayonnaise, yoghurt, sauces, etc. In the case of stains, sticky for example. ketchup, remove the dirt using a teaspoon: gently, without wgniatania and rubbed dirt in the carpet. The remainder of skrapiać water and odsączać paper towel, let it dry. In the case of stubborn stains, soak the stain again with water and wipe Microfiber cloth using grey SOAP. Allow it to air dry. Advantages: TECHNOLOGY EASY CLEANING MAGIC HOME PLEASANT TO THE TOUCH RESISTANCE TO LIGHT NON-SLIP BACKING FREE FROM ALLERGY HIGH QUALITY WASH in the washing machine (30 degrees) ECO-FRIENDLY   Surface density: 1 000 g/m² ± 5% Fabric content: 57% PES, 43% CO Finish the carpet: the non-slip backing Type of production: woven on looms Available in 1 size 160 x 230

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