• NORTHERN SKY-pillow filled with buckwheat husm-40x40 cm

NORTHERN SKY-pillow filled with buckwheat husm-40x40 cm

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i.e. natural micromassage with sound effects

The history of mattresses and pillows with buckwheat Huss is very old-it has more than two thousand years. Buckwheat scales have the properties of m.in. bacteria, mould and fungal growth.

For years it has been successfully used in the prevention of heart disease, tumor development, cleansed, increases immunity and strengthens the body's natural viability. Products from buckwheat Huss are effective in severe pain in the spinal muscles and in the treatment of defects in cervical vertebrae.


Breath for Body and bed

Buckwheat Hults are valued material due to its anti-allergenic properties and air permeability. During sleep, the body exloses accumulated toxins and moisture through the skin, which is often absorbed by mattresses and pillows with synthetic filling. With time, the accumulated moisture can give a slight choking smell, if we do not hold the pillows long. Buckwheat scales eliminate this problem as it does not absorb moisture. Thousands of small scales, which fill the pillow, move in the cover when changing the position of the body, allowing to remove accumulated moisture.

Heat under control

Another property of buckwheat, which does not have traditional pillow fills, is to maintain the neutral temperature of the filling. The traditional pillow heats up from the heat of the head. Some people do not like to sleep on a warm pillow, so every now and then they turn the pillow to the other side, as long as it has not yet been heated. Buckwheat HUSM does not heat up so easily, because its pour does not have a compact structure. The arched shape of the scales allows you to "breathe" the pillow all the time. In the spaces of the scales there is air that transmits the warmth of our body, expending it outside the pillow. Likewise, the "breathes" the buckwheat mattress, which does not allow to warm up.

Natural Micromassage

Mattresses and pillows filled with buckwheat Huss are often bought for people whose health condition forces them to frequent lying. The permeability of buckwheat scales reduces the risk of pressure ulcers on the body. The conved shape of the scales makes the buckwheat accessories night micromasseurs. The scales, moving under the weight of the body, stimulates circulation, allowing the skin to be additionally oxygenated.

Many people wonder how they are asleep on a buckwheat pillow, which is hardly suitable for a battle on the cushions, because of its weight (the traditional "jasiek" weighs about 1 kg).

Keeping the buckwheat pillow Clean is no different from the methods of caring for traditional pillows. We can wash the cushion, as well as the pouch itself, from which we have previously spun the neck. If the cushion is floed with water, you can dry it by drying it on a newspaper or other substrate. Buckwheat itself is not clean.

Pillow with buckwheat retains its properties for about 10 years. It is difficult to find an equally long life in traditional pillows, which we replace every few years. In addition, the buckwheat cushion gently shelests. The sound is reminiscent of the refilling of grain grains. Pure nature.

The pillowcase is fasted with a delicate, concealed zipper. It can be pulled and washed, preferably at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

Fabric pillowcases: 100% cotton satin with Oeko-TEX Certificate® Standard 100

Imprint: Photographic

Clasp: Concealed Zipper

Dimensions: 40x40 cm

Filling: cartridge filled with buckwheat Huska from Herbs & Hydro

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