• NORTHERN SKY bed linen - single set

NORTHERN SKY bed linen - single set

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How many times have you been amazed by your head and with your eyes staring at the stars? There are so many of them! They are always there. As if glued, still in the same place. They give a sense of security, because despite all our worries, they are still there. Every night they shine, they lay in constellations. We cannot comprehend how small we are in this entire space company

That's why looking into the sky is so addictive! Especially in summer, when the nights are warm, and "falling stars" every now and then illuminate the sky.


The stars that you will find on our bedding are the constellations of the North Heaven. How many of them do you know and who can you recognize? It is Orion with his star belt, the beauty of Kasjopeja, right next to the Polar Star and the Little Bear. Dragon, Lynx, Giraffe... It can be easier with the help of a map of the sky, which we attach to each set of bedding. This makes it possible to see which patch of heaven is

The bedding is made of high quality cotton satin, which is both durable and soft to the touch. The product is 100% Polish, from design, through fabric and printing, on the packaging ending. The photo-realistic print gives an amazing effect, and the search for creatures and objects hidden in the straw makes both adults and children happy.

imageSingle Set
1 duvet cover + 1 pillowcase


100% cotton satin WITH Oeko-TEX certificate® Standard 100

Imprint: Photographic

Pattern: northern sky

Clasp: duvet covers and pillows: Concealed zipper


If the dimension of your quilt or cushion is different from the proposed size of the covers on our website, please email us.

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