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Srights yourself or a loved one beautiful, fragrant and healthy gift. The mini herbal pillow set is the perfect gift for any occasion. In it you will find a pillow with mustre, lavender, maternal, rosemary and lemon verbena. Each of the herbs has amazing health properties, has a soothing and relaxing effect on our body.

Any pillow can be heated in the sun, heater or in the oven, thereby increasing its fragrance qualities and the effect of aromatherapy. Thanks to the beautiful packaging, you can order and send a set of herbal pillows directly to your loved one.

Rpreheat the oven to 150°C, put the pillow in a clean, heat-resistant dish, logo type down, and then in the preheated oven for 10/15 minutes (preferably on the lowest or middle level of the oven).

Note! Do not overheat your pillow at higher temperatures to speed up its warming. This can result in rapid loss of the health properties of herbs. Before you put the pillow to the body, check its temperature! If the pillow is too hot, wait until it cools down minimally or use an additional protection in the form of a cotton cloth or towel.

Note!! Do not put the pillows to the highest level of the oven, this can cause the material to brown.
- Heat the pillow on the heater – put the pillow I Love Grain on a clean heater. Depending on the temperature of the heater, remove it when its temperature is already right for you.
- I Love Grain pillows can also warm up in the sun, it will really be the most natural and soothing heat, so if there is an opportunity, we encourage you to choose this type of heating.







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