• BEACH SAND -Quilted Bedspread

BEACH SAND -Quilted Bedspread

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BEACH SAND-Bedspread


Whether it's in the woods, be it in the bedroom-lying on the moss easily indulge in the dreams that allow to take place the most and most exotic journeys. Or would you like to reverse the situation and that's what mech to take on the journey? The mchowy plaid will be great both on a rocky cliff and on a sandy beach.

After a sweet lazi, it is enough to shake the sand blanket, roll and put it into a specially designed bag-backpack, then cast on the back and move on to the next journey. Move a few, dozens, and even a few hundred kilometers away. Smash the tent, ignite the fireplace, and when the chill of the night, be covered with warm, soft "moss".


The mchowy plaid will be in any situation and only your imagination can limit the way it is applied. You do not have to leave the world to discover its charms, just impose on a bed, couch or spread on the floor and create a play mat for children. Intense Moss Green will reviva every interior, giving it freshness and lightness, and allow both small and large to feel nothing in the forest hideout.


The whole was carefully sewn and quilting in wide, longitudinal stripes.


The bedspread is available in two sizes: 140x195 cm and 195x250 cm.

Fabric bedspreads: 100% cotton satin with Oeko-TEX Certificate® Standard 100

Quilting: Belts

Imprint: Photographic

Pattern: Beach sand

Filling: 100% Polyester

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